No Stars Season 1 Issue #4 - Golden Gate Park Bison

Big dogs or something

Reviews of the Bison Paddock in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. “Longtime pasture with a grazing herd of American bison, cared for by the San Francisco zoo.” Open 24 hours. Average review is 4.4 stars.

the electric fence puts you at about 40 to 50 feet away

Perfect for a quick viewing.....Its ideal if your looking to take the family on a adventure while on vacation. As its location in Golden Gate Park is prime. The Bison are always a joy to see, even living in the area, I still stop everytime I go by. The only negative, is my personal opinion of how far away from them you can be, as the electric fence puts you at about 40 to 50 feet away from the Bison......Beautiful animals.


“The only negative is that I can’t get murdered by the bison.”

Review is thorough, accurate, useful, and describes a terrible accident waiting to happen. Five stars.

Instantaneous Joy

I receive so much Joy from seeing the Bison herd in G.G. Park. Why? Why do I feel such Instantaneous Joy from seeing them? They are my Family!


Points for poetry, but this isn’t really a review so much as a series of rhetorical questions. No one knows why these buffalo are your family, my friend. Three stars.

Buffalo breading pin

I was pleasantly surprised to find a buffalo breading pin inside GoldenGate Park! I thought it would be nice if America could open more land along the high planes so they could roam.


The problem with the internet is that everyone thinks you care about their dumb opinions. Irrelevant suggestions. Only humor comes from misspellings. Two stars.

Prehistorically marvelous

So amazing and wonderful to see such a prehistorically marvelous creature to still exist and be apart of


Strong “in this house we…” multi-font energy here. Does know know when the buffalo roamed. Two stars.

Most weekends they tend to be more visible

Buffalo are not always in large meadow nor the feeding paddock, and sometimes in the back meadow. Hit or miss if you can see them, though most weekends they tend to be more visible.


Good information about buffalo visibility. Seriously underrates the value of buffalo. Three stars.

Sitting in the dirt

Just a dry paddock with a chain link fence and 2 distant buffalo sitting in the dirt.


I don’t know what you were expecting. One star.

There’s bison

There's bison, they're in a paddock.


Succinct. Accurate. Positive. Four stars.


Is it pronounced pad-dock or pad-duk


Stop asking Google Reviews questions. One star.

Missed opportunities for enrichment

Several animals, easy to see. I'm not any kind of animal behaviorist, but compared to several zoo's I've visited, it felt like there were some missed opportunities for enrichment.


“I’m no animal behaviorist but I went to a zoo once so I’m qualified to leave this lame review of a buffalo.” One star.

Big dogs

Big dogs or something


Factually inaccurate. Probably some lame attempt at humor. Two stars.

Touching or feeding

If you have extra time this should be on your list of things to see in Golden Gate Park. This Bison range is visible from the road. Although not as close as Yellowstone, the views of the animals are cool. Touching or feeding us not possible and not allowed.

The easiest way to get here is with a car. Parking is available on the street. You could also bike here. Or walk if your coming from Ocean Ave.


Do not touch the buffalo!!! They will trample you!!!! Review otherwise unobjectionable. Has some useful transportation info. Three stars.